ANSIS IT Solutions

Web Development

ANSIS develops state-of-the-art web-based solutions using a selection of modern web frameworks. In all our web applications we embed the newest AJAX technologies into each web page for an optimal user experience. 

Apart from developing sophisticated corporate web applications from scratch, we also develop the following types of web applications:

1. Dynamic Websites

The ACMS (Content Management System) is a web-based content management system that lets user edit their own websites with a very big degree of flexibility and management oversight. 


  • Publishing workflow
  • Multiple languages
  • News module
  • Dynamic newsletter subsystem
  • Questionnaire engine
  • Web Statistics Module - including IP-country matching
  • Search engine optimization algorithms
  • Optimization for mobile browsers
  • Creation of mobile subsites

2. Webshops

Whether you are looking to develop your first webshop, enhance or promote your existing shop, ANSIS can help.

With our Web Shop platforms you can quickly become the owner of an international network of Internet-shops with minimal up-front cost. 

We have a range of customized solutions to meet your business needs and we pride ourselves on our creativity, after-sales support and service.

Setting up and running an e-commerce website is not as difficult as you think. We can help you grow your business with simple and effective online marketing steps.


  • Offer maker
  • Easy buying with shopping carts
  • Registration
  • Smart finder
  • Helpdesk
  • Variable content
  • Database-driven product catalogue

3. Web Services

We develop many solutions where different systems communicate with each other via web services (SOAP and/or RESTful). Our mobile apps on iPhone, iPad or Android devices also access their information from servers via web services.

4. Website Promotion through Active SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

While all our web applications are created in a search-engine friendly fashion, it takes an additional and recurring effort to constantly evaluate and update keywords, search terms, online advertising strategies, etc..

Our SEO service relieves you from these often time-consuming activities while providing optimal results for your web site. We follow the terms of service and best practices set by Google and other major search engines. We manually compile, rather than using software to automatically generate search terms and keyword lists, providing the best results and positioning your web site in the optimal way. 


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