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Information is a critical component of your business and you need to ensure that this asset is well managed. IT is more than connecting servers, PCs and cables. It’s the foundation on which your business is built. We all know how much work goes into running a business and this is where ANSIS can help. You no longer have to worry if your systems are secure, efficient, and fulfill your business needs. You need a partner that understands your business - regardless of your business type, we provide the information technology for your business success.


We Manage your Key IT Infrastructure

  • File Storage

Information is power, but it also requires space and confidentiality in the same time. We can provide both equipment and the necessary space needed for your information to be protected and to improve your company's services.

  • E-mail Service with Smartphone Integration

We live in the era of rapid and ultra-rapid communications from anywhere to  everywhere that is why we offer integration and service in these two common ways of communication that are more and more necessary.

  • Web Page

A great way to stand out from the crowd, to make yourself known and promoted is through the webpage. For this vital utility for every organization, we can provide the infrastructure and space for hosting, we can monitor and manage resources, to always have this service available without any effort.

  • VoIP Solutions

VoIP is location independent, only an internet connection is needed. VoIP phones can integrate with other services like video conversation, message or data file exchange in parallel with the conversation, audio conferencing, managing address books and passing information whether others are available online or not. It has the ability to transmit more than one phone call down the same phone line. Some cost savings are due to utilizing a single network to carry voice and data.

  • Remote Work - Terminal Server, VPN

They are our suggestions to ease your work even more and to facilitate internal information transmission in conditions of maximum security, we handle the configuration and will assist in the first steps in using these methods.

  • Collaboration Tools - Group Calendaring, Shared Folders

With the collaboration tools employees can more easily work together virtually and in real time. Working with group calendaring, shared folders and documents will earn more precious time.


Our advantage is flexibility therefore we would love to see your feedback about the solutions we propose on

IT Integration

An excellent information technology infrastructure can only unfold its benefits if deployed properly into the organizational landscape. The IT Management task consists of the successful integration of the IT tools with the organization's human resources and its business processes. Additionally IT needs to be aligned with the organization's business strategy.

We assist our clients in the successful integration of IT by:

  • ensuring that the deployed IT serves the corporate strategy, aligning business processes, communication paths with the capabilities of the deployed IT, and by
  • conducting the necessary Change Management activities to ensure a high acceptability rate and low resistance to change from the work force and any other stake holders.

IT Support

Our IT Support technicians have the knowledge and experience to successfully manage your workplace, with the proper training and skills to handle clients' requests and resolve incidents quickly. We offer technical support for the day-to-day usage that clients need.

We also monitor the servers, vital services, for example backup processes, storage space using a 24 / 7 monitoring system. In this way we can act and resolve many important issues before you even notice.

We provide two categories of support services:

  • Remote Support

    Allows us to remotely access users' systems to evaluate and resolve incidents after we gain the users' permission to take control of their desktop. This service includes capabilities such as configuration changes, file updates, driver updates and software installation. 

  • On-Site Support

    In case we cannot solve incidents remotely (or in case of very delicate changes/updates, for example changes on the firewall setup) we offer assistance on-site. These interventions happen as seldom as possible. 

With our Near Shoring office we make it possible to easily keep in touch with international clients throughout Europe and offer at the same time a significant price advantage.

We work with each of our clients to meet their particular support requirements and we develop flexible solutions custom made for each of our client based on their needs.