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Welcome to the Next Generation of Real Estate Management Software

Our software provides Asset Management, Property Management and Accounting all in one integrated package that is specifically geared towards the real estate sector and can be deployed across several countries. If your organization owns or manages large-scale, income-producing real estate assets then iREMS can provide you with significant cost savings and competitive advantage.

How Can You Benefit

The software that your company needs is iREMS, your secretary can scan invoices directly into iREMS, your sales persons can manipulate any contract with a great variety of options, your accountants can create, approve, reject, pay invoices fully automated, your property manager can evaluate. All in a user friendly and visual interface. Invest in only one software that will ease your business development.


Better Buying / Selling

  • Transparent Data Room reduces risk for buyer
  • Variation Analysis Tools in iREMS make modeling easier


Custom Development

  • Our key is flexibility. With all our customers we developed a custom software that meets the specific needs depending on the company, the country and the specific legislation


Data Migration

  • It can be made automatically with the invoices, contracts, portfolios, tasks, floor plan’s and also we can give a hand with the most unusual  contracts that can’t be imported automatically



  • We are by your side in the process of implementing the system, all the consulting and help you need are prepared by our specialists that are available any time to meet your needs. We provide all the information and implement the network, the data base, the servers and the security, all in the same package.



  • Our trainers will help you understand the tips and tricks and have several sessions of training as long as it’s necessary for every customer. You just need to make an appointment with one of our trainers and get started. They will share the screen and step by step will explain


System Maintenance Service

  • After buying the product we offer a system maintenance service which will offer you the security of a fully and continually functional system.


Support Center

  • Our support is available 5 days a week for your convenience. If you have any issues whatsoever, send us a message or give us a free call and we will give you the help you need

Free Trial Project

Evaluate iREMS with your own data - the best way to measure up an enterprise IT system is to run it with your own numbers. We offer you a free trial with full support. Click here for more details.