ANSIS IT Solutions

Enterprise Software Development

ANSIS delivers the transactional and web-based IT solutions needed by small & mid-size enterprises (SMEs) or units of large enterprises to better manage their operations. It combines the best of U.S. methodologies with the proven talent pool from Central Europe, providing reliable software at very competitive cost levels.  

The utilized technologies and platforms include:

  • Oracle Java Enterprise Edition
  • Java and PHP-based web frameworks
  • iPhone, iPad, Android mobile applications
  • Leading database providers, such as ORACLE, MS SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

With our expertise in outsourcing, we also partner with IT firms in various industry segments and/or local markets to ensure that the software functionality is well-aligned with the specific business requirements.

Handling the Full Development Cycle: Design -> Development -> Operation

To boost the competitive advantage of your company, a software system needs to be designed and implemented well and it must support your business model in an optimal way.

This is why we offer you our help already in the inception phase where the business objectives are mapped to technical requirements.

We present the possibilities technology can offer your business, and then participate in building the business case for each system. With a well-planned business case, we then plan and design the customized IT system.

Rapid-Application Development Frameworks: Fast Results

Developing Custom Business Applications based on our mobile, web-based or rich client-based frameworks gets your customized business applications up to speed very quickly.

This allows you to get started with your enterprise application quickly and on a low budget. You can then constantly improve and adapt your application to new business requirements in a flexible, efficient manner.