ANSIS IT Solutions


ANSIS is an IT services company established in 1996, specialized in developing enterprise software solutions for the real estate sector as well as providing the necessary consulting and IT management services to guarantee successful implementations.

We have offices in Switzerland, Hungary and Romania, allowing us to attract talented and motivated staff while keeping our cost base low.

ANSIS is based on a rich heritage of product development and providing software engineering services to Western technology firms. Our team of creative IT professionals in Central Europe work closely with the customers' staff to provide the entire gamut of solutions that begin from consulting to implementing customized solutions for real estate management companies and other asset management companies.

We support our clients from the organizational development tasks all the way through to the implementation phase where our business process outsourcing staff helps in data migration. 

Competitive Advantage Through Technological And Organizational Advances

We believe that companies adopting new technologies and adapting themselves to these technologies in the smartest ways can achieve the biggest competitive advantages. Therefore we see it as one of our biggest added values to our customers that we constantly "play around" with the newest technologies, testing them in our own company, learning the necessary lessons and then presenting our clients with customized, tried-and-tested cutting-edge solutions that allows them the reap the benefits of new technology without the risks usually associated with early adoption of high tech.

As an example, we consciously transformed our company into an internet-based, virtual organization, with many staff working from home and all necessary system located in the "cloud". To achieve this, we had built the required internet-based IT systems and make the necessary organizational and HR adjustments. With a delay of 1-2 years, we were able to offer these solutions to our clients, who were able to cut their running costs and improve their efficiencies with our solutions.